Bakoni Ruins Strange Geoglyphs in the World!! Video

Bakoni Ruins These remnants are believed to be 200,000 years of age, making them the most established stone circles on the planet.

Creator Dr. Cyril Hromnik has proposed that the patios and stone remains were worked by relatives of the Dravidians, some of whom had evidently moved from the Indus bowl, and the Kung public, the two gatherings having intermarried during the 1 st thousand years BC

Bakoni Ruins They abandoned 10 million round stone demolishes, that must be found completely, from the air. The biggest group of stone remains discovered anyplace on the planet, making all the other things (counting Gobekle Tepe) pale into irrelevance.

There are no entryways or passages, so the structures (with no self-evident, simple path in or out) were obviously not abodes for any living creatures

Bakoni Runis Some were cymatic designs: designs framed by sound, that are typically undetectable, without a particulate medium, (for example, salt), that can make them noticeable. Whoever made the stone examples was evidently re-making the cymatic designs shaped by the Earth at those spots.

The cymatic designs copied by the stone circles enhanced the sound frequencies radiated by the Earth, which thus made solid electromagnetic fields, as they collaborated with the quartz inside the stones.

The blossom like examples of some stone circles looks like magnetrons worked by current researchers. Michael Tellinger (an exclusive analyst, and creator) asked a few researchers how much energy a magnetron 40–50 meters in measurement, worked of unadulterated quartz would produce, and they said more energy than all the force plants on Earth set up.

In any case, in South Africa, there are a large number of these magnetron-type quartz circles, all combined in a huge lattice that would make more energy than we can envision; and we don’t have a clue what all that energy was utilized for. Tellinger theorizes it may have been for transforming water into oxygen, because the whole framework was associated with a stream, and had water going through it.

Other stone vestiges are orchestrated in concentric circles, that were clearly horticultural patios, and they are completely connected by channels. Inside and out, there are 450,000 square kilometers of rural porches.

Anton Parks (another Esoteric scientist and creator), recommends that the food being filled around there was being utilized to take care of the entire world in the inaccessible past.

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