Ghost Hunters – What is Ghost Hunting? 10 Things to Know Before You Go

Ghost Hunters, What is phantom chasing? What sort of gear do you need to go on an apparition chase? What’s more, is it as perilous as is commonly said?

In this article, we will share all you require to think about apparition chasing, including 10 must-know tips for planning for your first phantom chase.

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What is Ghost Hunting?

10 Things to Know Before You Go on a Ghost Hunt

  1. Never go alone
  2. Pick available areas
  3. Look at it during the day
  4. Get ready cautiously
  5. State a petition for insurance and direction
  6. Don’t simply charge in
  7. Converse with the spirits
  8. Follow your senses
  9. State another petition, so anyone can hear
  10. Leave the area as you discovered it

The Necessary Ghost Hunting Tools

Genuine Ghost Hunting in San Francisco

What is Ghost Hunting?

Apparition chasing, likewise called paranormal examination, is the way toward exploring areas that are apparently spooky by phantoms.

Most ghost hunters apparition trackers attempt to gather proof of paranormal movement by taking photographs or utilizing hardware that might have the option to distinguish the presence of spirits.

On the off chance that you are not appropriately arranged, apparition chasing can be a ghost hunters risky movement.

Look at the tips beneath to try not to fall into difficulty on your first phantom chase!

10 Things to Know Before You Go on a Ghost Hunt

  1. Never go alone

Continuously take a companion or two with you when you go apparition chasing. They can help if something turns out badly, just as be the additional pair of eyes and ears you need to approve ghost hunters’ possible appearances.

Phantom trackers joke that it’s not the apparitions they’re terrified of, but rather the genuine individuals. Be mindful of entering “deserted” spaces, which may be filling in as camps for individuals, or have security alerts set up.

  1. Pick available areas

Discover precisely where the paranormal ghost hunters movement has been accounted for and check if it’s open to people in general. Intruding ought to be dodged, and it’s ideal to get composed assent from the proprietor to evade any lawful difficulty.

You should know precisely where you’re going and how you will arrive (and back).

Continuously inquire as to whether you need to explore a private property.

  1. Look at it during the day

Look at the area you need to examine during the day to figure out the territory. Ensure you know precisely where the spooky problem areas are.

Moreover, search for any spots that could represent an issue during your phantom chase. You may likewise think about drawing out a guide with possible risks, just as close by walkways and streets.

  1. Plan cautiously

Do your exploration of the revealed hauntings and the substances in question. A few specialists accept that specific elements can deplete completely energized gadgets, so ensure your gear is completely energized and acquire additional batteries in your sack.

Likewise, ensure your camera settings are right to abstain from fiddling with them during your apparition chase.

Dress properly: wear your comfiest strolling shoes and a comfortable coat. Tie your hair back and think about wearing a headlamp to light your direction.

  1. State a petition for insurance and direction

On the off chance that you experience a genuine apparition, you may require some additional assistance to endure. Saying a supplication for security and direction never stings.

Contingent upon your strict convictions, you can likewise ponder or essentially convey some sure musings to the universe before you go.

These are the words we ordinarily use before taking off on our Paranormal Investigation and Haunted SF visits:

To the earth and the individuals who lie underneath

To the ways we are going to walk and to the individuals who track them before us

To the homes, we will enter and to whom they once housed

To this city and its echoes

Realize we come in gift and we wish you just harmony

  1. Don’t simply charge in

You wouldn’t go into an outsider’s house and start a gathering, okay? Similar guidelines of regular kindness apply in phantom chasing.

Don’t simply begin going around taking pictures left and right. The spirits you are examining were once individuals as well, so start your examination tranquility and cautiously, with a deliberate constantly pacing.

  1. Converse with the spirits

Acquaint yourself with the spirits, let them realize you intend no mischief and request that their consent take pictures.

Welcome the spirits to be in your photographs. On the off chance that they react, express gratitude toward them.

Clarify what the instruments are that you’re utilizing. Phantoms from 100 years prior won’t perceive instruments like a soul box or EMF per user, so a basic clarification can help spirits feel more good.

At the point when you leave, express gratitude toward them for having you–and ask them not to follow.

  1. Follow your impulses

If you want to snap a picture of something, do it.

If it appears to be a person or thing that needs to converse with you, disclose to them you are available for a discussion.

Also, on the off chance that you feel a mind-boggling inclination to leave, accept that as a genuine notice that tries not to be in that space.

  1. State another supplication, so anyone can hear

Before you leave the spooky area, state another petition.

Thank the soul world and ask that nothing and nobody follows you home.

You may likewise do a speedy purifying custom to ensure nothing paranormal “sticks” to any individual from your gathering, by consuming sage (to scrub of any negative spirits/energy) and palo santo (to welcome in certain spirits/energy).

  1. Leave the area as you discovered it

Regard both the dead and the living.

You can contact things, for example, dividers or gravestones, however, don’t move them or modify the area in any capacity.

Notwithstanding being impolite, playing with the scene can push you in difficulty with the soul domain.

It might build the odds of something following you home to “give back in kind.”

The Necessary Ghost Hunting Tools

You needn’t bother with a great deal of hardware to go on your first phantom chasing experience. Since phantom chasing hardware can be expensive, we suggest that apprentices try things out with essential stuff first.

The “nuts and bolts” are:

Voice recorder

Simple to use the camera


Electromagnetic radiation finder (EMF meter)

Notwithstanding, if you need to redesign your stuff, here’s the following level:

Infrared temperature finder

Dowsing bars

Explanatory listening gadget

Soul box or electronic voice marvels (EVP) scanner

Genuine Ghost Hunting in San Francisco

Need to go on a genuine phantom chase?

You’ll utilize the entirety of the above apparatuses on our Paranormal Investigation Tour, which offers a vivid, involved phantom chasing experience.

Guided by a paranormal master, you will figure out how to utilize bona fide phantom chasing instruments while investigating the most puzzling and spooky places in San Francisco.

Prepared to meet a few apparitions?

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