Gobekli Tepe: Mysterious Stone Circles!! Video

Gobekli Tepe is an enormous gigantic site, multiple times the size of Stone Henge, and 7,000 years more established.

It was established 11,600 years prior. This is actually the date that Plato gives for the sinking of Atlantis. It was inherent a region populated altogether by tracker/finders, with no farming, or engineering at all.

So how would we represent this? Did a gathering of tracker/finders in Turkey, get up one morning, mysteriously propelled with the information on the best way to cut and quarry stone, and move weighty stone squares weighing as much as 50 tons; make colossal stone circles in a zone with no water; including acquiring and coordinating a workforce and taking care of and watering them; to fabricate the world’s first completely adjusted North-South structure, which includes exact space science?

And keeping in mind that they were doing all that, they would likewise need to imagine horticulture, since agribusiness out of nowhere showed up around Gobekli Tepe simultaneously as the landmark itself.

Is this actually a conceivable hypothesis? Or then again is it more conceivable that the overcomers of Atlantis re-gotten comfortable Turkey, and carried their farming and building strategies with them? Evidently, the Atlanteans were endeavoring to re-start their civilization.

Gobekli Tepe is 90,000 square meters — greater than 12 football fields and is involved almost 200 luxuriously cut stone sections going from 3–6 meters in tallness.

A significant number of the sections are formed like human figures, with their hands fastened together over their tummy: a component likewise found on the Moai of Easter Island, and sculptures from Tiahuanaco in Bolivia — as though every one of the three destinations (a great many kilometers from one another) had a typical planner.

Gobekli Tepe has contained 24 stone circles. These were inherent stages, more than 1,200 years, before a characteristic disturbance (in all probability a comet strike) stopped development until the end of time. The stonework of the most established pieces of Gobekli Tepe is of a lot higher caliber than that of the more current parts, as though the developers were losing, instead of improving, their abilities over the long haul.


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