Orbs: Cosmic Being From Another Dimension- Video

Orbs cosmic being

Cosmic Being Some ideas very well maybe dust. Others asserted it very well may Cosmic Being. Others actually said they were circles. By and by, I’m slanted to accept the last mentioned. Before I go any further, investigate this video and see your opinion.  You’ve no uncertainty seen three lights, …

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Gobekli Tepe: Mysterious Stone Circles!! Video

Gobekli Tepe

Gobekli Tepe is an enormous gigantic site, multiple times the size of Stone Henge, and 7,000 years more established. It was established 11,600 years prior. This is actually the date that Plato gives for the sinking of Atlantis. It was inherent a region populated altogether by tracker/finders, with no farming, …

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Bakoni Ruins Strange Geoglyphs in the World!! Video

Bakoni Ruins

Bakoni Ruins These remnants are believed to be 200,000 years of age, making them the most established stone circles on the planet. Creator Dr. Cyril Hromnik has proposed that the patios and stone remains were worked by relatives of the Dravidians, some of whom had evidently moved from the Indus …

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Nazca Lines are a Collection of Giant Geoglyphs? Video

nazca line

Nazca Lines are an assortment of goliath geoglyphs — plans or themes scratched into the ground situated in the Peruvian waterfront plain around 250 miles (400 kilometers) south of Lima, Peru. Even though they are barely 2,000 years of age (the Nazca culture is thought to have started in 100 …

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Chupacabra: Mysterious Vampire or Demon – Video


Chupacabra There is a typical misguided judgment among our cowherds that snakes eat bovine’s milk around evening time. Snakes don’t be able to assimilate milk. That being said, when you go to the cowshed toward the beginning of the day and see the milk dry spell in the dairy animals’ …

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