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After Death, The Garuda Purana is one of eighteen Mahāpurāṇa a classification of writings in Hinduism. It is a piece of Vaishnavism writing corpus and is described as a discussion between Lord Vishnu and Garuda (King of Birds), fundamentally stressing the importance of human existence.

It contains subtleties of post-existence, memorial service customs, and rebirth, and hence is recounted as a section of memorial service ceremonies in Hindu culture.

The review beneath gives an essence of the incredible lessons in the Garuda Puranam

What Happens After Death ??

What is passing?

Is there post-existence?

Is demise agonizing?

What occurs after death?

How does resurrection occur?

Where do we follow passing?

These sorts of inquiries identified with the most dreaded occasion that takes our life consistently fill our brain, particularly when any of our close or darlings kick the bucket.

We feel that unexpectedly the relationship has broken suddenly and wish there could be an association once more. In this mission, our excursion to discover answers to the above inquiries start …

So, what occurs after death ?

Passing is really an intriguing cycle !!

Disconnection of the earth sole chakras

Around 4–5 hours before death, the earth’s bottom chakras arranged beneath the feet get confined … representing detachment from the earth plane !!

A couple of hours before an individual kick the bucket, their feet turn cold. At the point when the real an ideal opportunity to withdraw shows up, it is said that Yama, the God of death seems to direct the spirit.

The Astral Cord

Demise cuts off the astral rope, which is the association of the spirit to the body. When this line is cut the spirit turns out to be liberated from the body and goes up and out of the body.

On the off chance that the spirit is connected to the actual body, it is involved for this lifetime, it won’t leave and attempts to get into the body and move it and stay in it. We may notice this as an unobtrusive or slight development of the face, hand, or leg after the individual has kicked the bucket.

The spirit can’t acknowledge that it is dead. There is as yet a sensation of being alive. Since the astral string has been cut off, the spirit can’t remain here and is pushed upwards and out of the body. There is a draw from above … an attractive draw to go up.

End of the physical body

At this stage, the spirit hears numerous voices, all simultaneously. These are the musings of the relative multitude of people present in the room.

The spirit on its part converses with his friends and family like he generally did n yells out “I am not dead” !!

However, oh dear, no one hears him…

Gradually and consistently the spirit understands that it is dead and it’s absolutely impossible back. At this stage, the spirit is gliding at approx 12 feet or the stature of the roof, seeing and hearing everything occurring around.

For the most part, the spirit skims around the body till it is incinerated. Thus, the following time on the off chance that you see a body being conveyed for incineration, be educated that the spirit is likewise essential for the parade seeing, hearing, and seeing everything and everybody.

Detachment from the body

When the incineration is finished, the spirit is persuaded that. the fundamental quintessence of its endurance on earth is lost and the body it involved for such countless years has converged into the five components.

The spirit encounters total opportunity, the limits it had while being in the body are gone and it can travel anyplace by simple idea.

For 7 days the spirit moves about its places of interest like its number one joint, morning walk garden, office, and so on If the spirit is possessive of his cash, it will simply remain close to his cabinet, or on the off chance that he is possessive of his kids, it will simply be in their room, sticking on to them.

Before the finish of the seventh day, the spirit says bye to his family and moves further upwards to the fringe of the earth plane to move over to the opposite side.

The Tunnel

It’s said that there is a major passage here that needs to cross before arriving at the astral plane. Thus it’s said that the initial 12 days after death are very critical.

We need to complete the customs accurately and supplicate and ask pardoning from the spirit, so it doesn’t convey negative feelings like hurt, disdain, outrage, and so on at least from the precious ones.

All the ceremonies, supplications, and positive energy act like nourishment for the spirit which will help it in its ahead excursion. Toward the finish of the passage is an immense splendid light implying the section into the astral world.

Meeting the Ancestors

On the eleventh n twelfth day Hindus direct homes and petitions and customs through which the spirit is joined with its precursors, dear companions, family members, and the aides.

All the dead progenitors invite the spirit to the upper plane and they welcome and embrace them precisely as we do here on seeing our relatives after quite a while.

The spirit then alongside its aides are taken for a careful life survey of the existence just finished on earth within the sight of the Great Karmic Board. It is here in the unadulterated light that the entire previous existence is seen !!

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